Peoples Bank was sued by homeowners who discovered liens on their homes because banks that gave Erpenbeck the original construction loans were never paid when those homes were sold. Other banks also might have allowed checks to be misdirected, including Firstar Bank and an unidentified third lender. Your property conveyancer will clarify obviously the significance and criticalness of each one record. Our parts are swayed to utilize plain English, not confounded legitimate terms, to help you see precisely what you are marking.

''Peoples Bank has continually stated that other banks are involved,'' said Brandon Voelker, a Covington attorney also representing homeowners in the class-action lawsuit. A major portion of the economic impact to date, however, is unpaid bank loans. Firstar had paid $16 million in construction loans to Erpenbeck, while Bank One had pro vided at least $10 million in loans to the builder.

Peoples Bank had approved $8 million in total loans to Erpenbeck, and arranged a consortium of other banks from outside the area that made another $24 million in loans. Drawing upon your directions, your solicitors or conveyancer will likewise aid you to meet your lawful commitments and ensure your rights and hobbies. Examining the title of the property is a standout amongst the most critical components of real estate conveyancing. Three other banks lended a little more than $11 million. Jeff Erpenbeck, who now heads the Erpenbeck Co., said much of the total cost will be reduced when bank loans are repaid after real estate held as collateral is sold.

Some of the loans might already have been repaid, and much of the remainder is secured with real estate as col lateral. Nevertheless, banks won't get 100 percent of their money back, one title agent said. ''The unknown factor there is the quality of the collateral,'' the title agent said. It is imperative that you comprehend what your conveyancer can, and can't accomplish for you. It is additionally vital that you clarify unmistakably your position and your prerequisites. Many of the Erpenbeck developments are partially constructed, and open to the deteriorating effects of the weather.

The Erpenbeck Co. also has laid off most of its employees. The firm had 100 employees at its height, and now has fewer than 10. The lost payroll is estimated at $4 million. The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio has filed lawsuits to potentially seize 22 homes and three condominiums it says were bought with proceeds from bank fraud. BRAND NAME parts are urged to dependably utilize plain English, not entangled legitimate terms, so you see precisely what is occurring. The owners of the properties include Bill Erpenbeck and his wife Marcia, John and Susan Finnan, Marc and Alice Menne, and Richard Erpenbeck, a brother of Bill and attorney for the Erpenbeck Co.